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The 2018 Endangered Rivers List for BC



Steelhead Rivers along with “Heart of the Fraser” top BC’s 2018 most endangered rivers list.

Waterways listed include the Fraser, Thompson, Chilcotin, Gold, Seymour, Cowichan, Peace and Kettle rivers.

The Endangered Rivers List is compiled by ORC and released to media outlets across BC and Canada. It receives significant media attention, highlighting the rivers and issues that are most important to British Columbians. The last endangered rivers list was published in 2016. The Endangered River initiative will continue to be run every second year.

The compilation of the list was coordinated by the Outdoor Recreation Council. Nominations were reviewed by a committee knowledgeable and familiar with the specific threats to BC's rivers. Mark Angelo, ORC's Rivers Chair for many years and Chair Emeritus for the Rivers Institute of BCIT was the Chair of this committee with members including Marvin Rosenau, fisheries instructur from the Renewable Resource department at BCIT and Ken Farquharson, founding member of Sierra Club of BC and the Outdoor Recreation Council.


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To understand the selection process and why this list is so important, please read the background document.

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