By fostering the responsible use of BC’s outdoors and building bridges between outdoor recreation groups, the Outdoor Recreation Council represents the interests of the public outdoor recreation community and promotes and advocates access to and responsible use of BC's outdoors for public recreation

A rapidly increasing population, growing pressures on our land and marine resources, and an ever diversified range of outdoor recreation activities call for a united voice.

ORC's Purposes and Bylaws

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ORC's Objectives

  1. To encourage the residents of British Columbia to actively participate in outdoor recreational activities that will enhance their physical and mental well-being
  2. To be a forum for the exchange of views between organized outdoor rereation groups having an interest in non-competitive outdoor recreation and to represent those interests to government and industry.
  3. To advocate for and facilitate access to public lands and waters for outdoor recreation.
  4. To encourage the safe and responsible use of the outdoors through education programs promoting safety and outdoor ethics.
  5. To organize conferences, seminars, workshops, and public meetings with respect to non-competitive outdoor recreation in British Columbia.
  6. To build bridges between outdoor recreation groups.

Unique in BC

Founded in 1976, ORC works on behalf of 50+ provincial and regional member groups, representing more than 100,000 individuals, as well as the general public, to protect the outdoor recreation way of life in BC.

ORC is the only organization that represents the interests of the full range of public outdoor recreation users of BC's lands and waters.

As an independent, registered charitable organization, ORC is funded by membership dues and donations from organizations and individuals.

A Vision for British Columbia

Our vision is for British Columbia to be the world-leader in the conservation and enjoyment of outdoor places. Our vision is for all British Columbians to have access to diverse and abundant opportunities to enjoy outdoor recreation experiences.

We invite you to get involved in making it happen.

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